Specialities Services

ZedMBC offers medical billing services for various specialties, including Physical, Speech, and Occupational Therapy, Podiatry, Pediatrics, Radiology, Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Dermatology, Ambulatory, and Cardiology. Our team of trained medical billing specialists collaborates with healthcare providers to streamline billing processes, maximize revenue cycle management, and ensure the accurate filing of claims

Physical, Speech, and Occupational Therapy Billing Services

Our billing services for Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapy aim to eliminate the hassle of constantly evolving insurance environments and claim forms. We ensure that claims are filed correctly to improve reimbursement rates and increase profitability.

Podiatry and DME Billing Services

We provide expert partner services for Podiatry and DME billing to simplify billing procedures, keep up with ever-changing rules, and reduce financial losses and compliance issues.

Pediatrics Billing Services

Our Pediatrics billing services streamline billing operations, improve accuracy, and minimize the risk of loss of money or compliance issues. We use cutting-edge procedures and technical tools to manage Pediatrics billing effectively and increase reimbursement rates.

Radiology Billing Services

We have professionals who keep up with all the changes in the rules and medical billing codes for Radiology. Our billing services remain on top of the ever-changing compliance regulations to provide hassle-free billing for healthcare providers.

Internal Medicine Billing Services

Our Internal Medicine billing services maximize revenue cycle management, improve reimbursement rates, and ensure accurate filing of claims for healthcare providers.

Endocrinology Billing Services

Our Endocrinology billing services provide specialist knowledge for correct billing and streamline billing procedures to increase profitability for healthcare providers

Dermatology Billing Services

Our Dermatology billing services cater to individual billing requirements and keep healthcare providers up-to-date with healthcare reform-related billing and coding changes.

Ambulatory Billing Services

Our Ambulatory billing services improve profitability and optimize the billing process for healthcare providers. We provide comprehensive, adaptable ambulatory surgery center billing services to reduce compliance issues.

Cardiology Billing Services

Our Cardiology billing services offer end-to-end billing solutions for practices of all sizes. We have a team of qualified medical billers and coders who specialize in HIPAA compliance and ensure the accurate filing of claims.

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